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One career area that most graduating high school seniors overlook is the culinary arts. Culinary arts training generally comes down to two different sections -- food preparation and kitchen/restaurant management. While most culinary schools will teach a student both areas, some colleges will offer a degree program focused primarily on the restaurant management aspect.

These programs typically end up with a bachelor's degree. Chef training programs are typically much shorter, often just one year. Learn more about culinary classes.

Some graduating high school students want to attend college away from the town they grew up in. They want to go off to college and go through the experience of university life.

These students have so many options to choose from. They can choose a southern California college,a Texas college in one of the big cities such as Austin, Houston or Dallas, or they enroll at one of the big ten campuses such as University of Wisconsin. There are so many options that it can be hard to decide.

But the main thing is for the prospective student to make a decent choice, and then make a strong commitment to working and completing their classes and earning their degree.


Schools in Milwaukee include Marquette University, Milwaukee School of Engineering and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
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