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There are several good colleges in the Seattle area. Some of the colleges, such as Pacific Lutheran University, can be a bit on the expensive side of the spectrum, but there are other good choices you can consider:

You can also look into online schools and traditional colleges that offer online class options. If you're not sure about whether taking courses on the Web is right for your personality, you can take a single online college class and try it out.

The field of graphic design is where a lot of art students end up. Making a living as an artist can be challenging and frustrating for all but the most dedicated person. Some art students turn their attention to the field of graphic arts where they use their artistic talent to help organizations and companies develop artwork, graphics and packaging. Explore design careers in Washington State.

A somewhat related field is animation design. Almost all animation design and production today is produced via computer software, so developing skill using these software applications is stressed during the animation coursework. You can browse animation schools around the country by clicking here. You can also narrow your search down to schools in the state or classes in the city.

In a completely different area, there are short training courses that can get a student ready for his or her first job as an engine mechanic. Mechanics can go to school to learn the basics of auto, diesel truck, aircraft, boat or motorcycle repair. Mechanics end up learning quite a bit through on the job training and continuing education, but most need to complete an entry-level mechanic program before they can get hired for their first job. Find out more.


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