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Local Washington vocational schools do a great job of preparing students to enter into a new career field. While these schools have a narrow scope of career fields they work with, their attention to preparing students by offering only the training that they need to get their first job is very practical.

These vocational schools (which are not to be confused with a community college), typically offer training in services and trade fields such as plumbing, electrical, building maintenance, construction, and HVAC installation and repair, but also provides class work in design and cooking.

Moving down south a little bit, Oregon offers several college options. There are several public and private schools in Portland, but the two main public colleges are in Eugene and Corvallis. Eugene is home to the University of Oregon, while Corvallis hosts Oregon State University. But there are also other schools, such as small colleges, specialty schools for art or music, community colleges and trade schools scattered across the state as well.

You can move down the coast a bit farther and end up in San Francisco and run into an even larger selection of colleges. The Bay Area has the entire range of education possibilities available, from law school to culinary school.


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